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    Thanks for the welcome.

    Thanks for the info on the GP7 superblonde. I have always wondered what the .gp extension stood for. I’m used to seeing like a .gp3, .gp4, etc. Looks like I can upgrade to the 7.5 version for 50% off for past GP users. I’ve seen a few .gp extensions on some tabs, now I know why they would not play on my GP6 version. 😊

    Hello rightonthema, and thank you for your service as well. I was in the Navy from 88 – 92.
    • Navy
    • 88-92
    • Charleston, SC.
    • GMM2 (Navy doesn’t have a MOS) (Gunners Mate Missiles)
    • My only regret was getting out, I should have stayed in for at least 20.

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