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      This is a neat trick. Route Guitar Pro’s playing, using MIDI, into a DAW which uses a plugin software instrument on a track, to create or record better audio. I tried this in the past but now got it working finally.

      1. Configure a MIDI loopback driver, to receive and transmit MIDI from apps. This takes about 3 mouse clicks on mac “audio MIDI setup” app, open the MIDI view and add “Apple Inc, IAC Driver”. On windows I think it is called ‘virtual midi cable’ and might cost a bit 3rd party.

      2. Configure GP7’s “audio settings” under MIDI, to send to this MIDI device driver.

      3. Configure a GP7 track in a GP song, so that the track’s instrument uses MIDI, instead of the GP audio engine “RSE”. The important thing here is the MIDI channel number which GP is sending on. (for piano it needs 2 channels? for guitar it needs 6? ..one channel for each guitar string?)

      4. In Reaper (or other DAW), create a new track (all tracks in Reaper are the same, other DAWs require specific “create new MIDI track”)

      5. Set the DAW track to record MIDI input (might require creating an empty midi item on the midi track first), hit the record button, and set monitoring on.

      6. Add a VST plugin as FX to the DAW track, so that the DAW is synthesizing notes from the incoming MIDI. I am using “Spitfire Orchestra Piano” for a track since the VST has amazing piano sound.

      7. Press play in GP, there should be piano sounding from the DAW plugin.

      If not, mess with the MIDI track’s “midi channel” settings in both DAW and GP7.

      In the DAW, the track can be set to record to disk either the MIDI note values, or the audio created by the plugin (to have the waveform saved, so then the plugin is no longer needed).

      My GP music file seems to need some small adjustment, because my piano VST has different dynamics parameters than the GP’s sheet music which I wrote, with tweakable dynamics knobs, so there’s several sliders to adjust for the best match of sound. It might be best to turn “Accentuation” in the GP track all the way down at first.

      This is really cool because I can keep writing in GP which to me has great, fast note editing, compared to trying to edit staff music in a DAW. And then I can send the notes straight to the DAW to record without having to do the “export midi file in GP.. load midi file in DAW.. change or mess up something.. need to fix again.. repeat from beginning..” thing. It could work great for drums, probably takes some time to reconfigure the drum mapping in the VST to support this.

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