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      I heard this on the radio, and found the vid. Nice solo on a rock song.

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      neil giraldo definitely underrated.
      i think he’s just under the radar because pat benatar is the star of the show.
      i plat hit me with your best shot and treat me right and both have killer solos in them.
      plus, did you know neil plays guitar on jesse’s girl by rick springfield?

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      I,ll have to check those out, thanks.

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      So am I hearing this right. For the leads he is either muted-strumming the chord or playing arpeggios of the chord or maybe just 2 notes like 3rd, 5th (?). For the solo he is playing the chord roots or the 3rds or 5ths as the main emphasis note. In between these notes he is adding the runs, such as, scale runs. At the middle of the solo (03:08 of video) he is harmonizing (playing the 5ths maybe?) of the vocal melody chorus part. Then (3:12) he does a scale run to the next emphasis note (3:17) which is a chord root note and a scale run to the final chord root note (3:22) and then adds a flourish grace note kind of harmony (maybe a 5th?) with a slide down the neck to finish. ??

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