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      I actually wrote this a couple of months ago and then forgot about it entirely, and didn’t upload it. Let me know what you guys think.

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      at first i didn’t care for the opening bass sound.
      but as the song took off i ended up liking the different blends of guitars and synths.
      nice movement.
      felt like i was on a journey.
      nice one.
      this deserves a double metal salute

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      this song is cool, it takes off when the keyboards enter, and the guitar part sounds like pure tool riffage.
      I agree there’s something odd sounding about the first part but altho the bass is mixed loud and really aggressive tone I dont think it’s the bass itself, I think it’s the drum intro and drum tone which doesnt match the bass and so the bass sounds misplaced, so fixing the drums would make it smooth and fit. Thats only the intro though.
      The rest is cool.

      There’s a new song section at around 2:50 which seems kind of a sudden transition, maybe a break in between would be good.

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      Really cool tone and very tight playing. I like the song. The sudden change at 2:50 is pretty cool… I think that a break in between will totally defeat the mood shift of this part.. so.. @superblonde – let’s agree to disagree 🙂

      The video is also pretty awesome. Did you shoot it once using multiple cameras or did you use just one camera and shoot it multiple times? Would you share what recording gear you used? I really dig your tone and also the sound quality – something I can’t seem to master…

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      Hey man. Thanks. I just recorded multiple takes at different angles using my Galaxy S9. I used a Kemper profiler and a Friedman BE-OD to drive the bass tone. I record using Reaper. Hope that answers your question!

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