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      I expect many of us have a Nemesis song that we just can’t seem to get. Mine is Joe Walsh’s Funk 49. I think I know how it’s supposed to be played, or pretty close. I’ve seen him play it when demoing a guitar, etc. I have problems with the A chord hammer on – Dm7 hammer on funky chopped rhythm part after the slow bend at the start. I know he has huge hands which probably helps here – I’m just the opposite. My pinky barely spans the fretboard from 1st to 6th string.

      It’s Rock n Roll so I can fake it – chunka chunka with distortion etc. But I saw a guy play it in a store once – when he nailed it it sounded so right.

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      this one, the rhythm guitar, I practiced daily for months & months and never got to comfortably playing at the speed of 140 bpm where it is supposed to be. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYPcFwRIXTI I play it in drop D. The original is in drop B. It doesnt sound the same at 110 bpm. Still never figured out what the speed obstacle was/is. The riffage is straightforward. Somehow my fingers dont think so.

      Funk 49 is way more technical, with bends, timing, etc. Hard!

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