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      Amazing interview..unbelievable.

      Pro studio violinist loses fretting ability in his pinky and ring fingers due to nerve condition Focal Dystonia and shoulder injury.
      Inspired by the story of Django, relearns how to play only using his 2 good fingers.. eventually even playing difficult stuff like Tchaikovsky.

      A compelling interview with 2 Fingered Violinist, Clayton Haslop.

      This is an interview with world class violinist Clayton Haslop’s struggle with Focal Dystonia, loosing the ability to use his two of his fingers on his left hand. Clayton was a concertmaster in the Los Angeles recording studios, performing on countless motion picture scores as a concertmaster for Michael Giacchino, James Horner and others. You have heard his violin playing on many movies, including Up, Ratatouille and more. Here is his compelling story as well as his experiences as a core musician and concertmaster in the LA studio scene. Clayton made a pact to overcome this condition and actually learned what is arguable one of the most loved and most difficult violin concertos, The Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto. When Tchaikovsky first introduced this concerto, it was considered unplayable even with 4 fingers. Clayton plays it with two!

      About halfway thru the video he mentions it took about 2 years of practice & experimentation to figure out how to play.

      Watching his wrist I wonder if any of the trouble might be in part due to his wrist angle. This is where Speed Kills really pays back 100x for itself due to focus on playing safely.

      A fascinating point: He says he also had to become comfortable with his compromised playing, not lose it with nervousness in front of live audiences, so he played for normal people instead of the snobby critics, by going to community retirement places.

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