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      @Doug – It looks like this week, free weekly lesson video (week 20) video link is marked as private. I can get to the tab but can’t watch the video.

      Can you please fix it?



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      Doug Marks

      I’m probably going to need to change the way that I’m routing everything from RockGuitar.com. I’ll try not to get too technical but I keep RockGuitar the same, obviously and change the page that it point to. Problem is, browsers cache the previous page linked to RockGuitar and won’t display this week’s lesson. There are other things that can happen, I screwed up a link at the bottom of this week’s newsletter that yielded a similar result. Need to follow the kiss rule…. keep it simple stupid. I’m smoothing out the wrinkles. It’ll get there. Thanks for your question Dan.

      One other thing, if you try to access the previous week’s lesson it will always be marked as private. I’m only displaying one lesson per week. There is no archive.

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