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      Referring to the 2006 version of the course, there is an exercise I called “Doug’s Diagonal Accelerating Metronome” in my practice log. I cannot remember how to do the exercise, but I remember it was extremely effective. Superblonde says it is in Stage 5, but I cannot find it anywhere. If you know the exercise I am talking about, where is it?


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      Hmm well here it is. “Hey Siri, find me that diagonal exercise from Doug”

      Siri: Level 3 in the 1992 course at 18:51, it is Exercise 23.

      % grep -ri diag *
      level_3_1992/level_3.html:<li><strong>18:51 Exercise 23 Diagonal Dexterity Exercise</strong>

      “Hey Siri, thanks.”

      Siri: Rock on.

      Maybe thats why it cant be found..because it is in the 1986 and 1992 courses not the 2006 one (so, i was wrong in the other post). Or alternatively, this is a different diagonal exercise than the one from your practice log (but I think there’s only one exercise which could be described as a Diagonal exercise)

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