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      Ok Guys… After completing Doug’s guitar course I’ve been learning this and that and trying to get the hang of a few new songs… So I tried something completely new for me:

      – I had a go at one of my favorite Iron Maiden songs ever – recorded the guitar parts and let GP play bass and drums (offtopic: I massively upped the level by using Reaper instead of Audacity LOL)
      – I found some scrap green fabric and made a DIY greenscreen from it.. very poorly lit and as you can see the result leaves room for improvement but bear with me – it’s my first attempt EVER at shooting something in front of a green screen.

      Try not to laugh too much 🙂 If someone is interested I can post pictures of my gear & setup 🙂

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      Kenny Almendral

      Nice! Keep it up bro!

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      Good job!

      In For The Learn

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      right on 🤘🏽🎸🤘🏽
      nice job on he song and the video.
      and yes i’m always interested in what equipment others use for their recordings/videos.

      rock and roll ain't pretty; that's why they picked us to play it.

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      Too cool. Impressive even. Great advert for Doug’s course LOL

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      Wow thanks guys 🙂
      There are some bits where my timing is not so great but my metronome wasn’t loud enough so I wasn’t always hearing it.

      and yes i’m always interested in what equipment others use for their recordings/videos.

      I have Peavey Vypyr VIP 1 modeling amp which has a usb port and can be used as a guitar interface. There is nothing between the amp and the DAW, i.e. no Amplitube, no GuitarRig, no other VST. Just the tone from the amp. The cab/mic simulation it uses is far from perfect but so is my playing LOL

      I used reaper for recording and applied an EQ effect on the distorted guitars to cut out the bass a little bit (so that it won’t fight with the GP base part) and boost the mids just a touch.

      – DIY green screen made of some green fabric
      – DIY 3D printed phone tripod
      – Video editing in Hitfilm Express (free software with some powerful editing tools)

      If someone else is crazy enough to try this please learn from my mistakes and light up the green screen properly – you need excellent contrast and when doing the post processing. Also the lighting should be arranged in such a way that the green color is uniform and there are as few shadows as possible.

      I wanted to post pics of the green screen but for some reason the post gets automatically deleted if I add pictures…

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      awesome video!
      the amp tone sounded very good to me, so, no worries about that.

      arpeggios are tough, excellent work on the right hand technique.

      I'm an intermediate student of Metal Method. I play seitannic heavy metal. All Kale Seitan! ♯ ♮ ♭ ø ° Δ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
      And on the Seventh Day, Mustaine said: ∇ ⨯ E = - ∂B / ∂t ; and there was Thrash; and it had a ♭3; and it was good.

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      Thanks 🙂
      The acoustic part (verse section) was really difficult to get down. The string skipping was tough and as you can see there is no way I can lift my eyes off the guitar pick 😀

      Here is the pic of my super professional diy green screen

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      …and the diy tripod (finally figured it out – two pictures in one post doesn’t work)


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      Really impressive and enjoyable to listen to. Only a player knows how difficult it is to play all the parts like that. The leads were well done, arpeggios, etc.

      I liked the production also. Wouldn’t have noticed any problems with it. You’re obviously talented.

      As noted, what a great statement for Doug’s course.

      But where’s Eddie?

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      Thanks man 🙂

      But where’s Eddie?

      Duly noted 🙂 I will include him in the next Iron Maiden cover 🙂

      I am currently working on Dio – Holy Diver, if all goes well I’ll try recording it soon. In the meantime I also started transcribing a Hammerfall song from their latest album so once I’m done with this I could try my luck with some more Maiden… And include Eddie in the video 🙂

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      Dio would be great Holy Diver…Killer Riff,Great Solo, atmospheric video …he had it all on that song.

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