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    I put myself at the risk of progressing even slower with the Complete Guitar Course than I currently do by working through Melodic Principles Vol. 1 and through Monster Power Chords Vol. 1.


    MP1 is not just a hands-on introduction to intervals but, in my opinion, also a course on rhythm and a library of simple but cool riffs. This is maybe not suited for total beginners, but really feasible once you have passed week 12 or so of the CGC.

    MPC1 is a set of carefully designed step-by-step exercises for power-chord based rhythm playing. There is also a worthwhile study book included. The backing tracks are fantastic. Playing along with them is feasible even for a beginner and makes you feel like a rock star playing in band!

    So, these are really good and joyful distractions for those days when you are not in the mood for main course.

    Highly recommended! Thank you Sarah and Dee J 🙂

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    Sarah Spisak

    Thanks, Sonic!  🙂

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