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    So, I’ve been stuck on this lesson for two and a half weeks now. I’ve got the lessons down pretty good. I can only do it at about 65 bpm cleanly. Should i move on to the next lesson or just keep practicing it until I get to the recommended 78bpm?

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    I always used to make sure I made it to the recommended bpm before moving on, that way I knew for sure that my skills would be good enough for the next part of the course. In my opinion, if you don’t meet the recommended bpm, and you move on to the next part of the course, you may not be able to meet that lesson’s recommended bpm either. You don’t want to catch yourself in a position where you’ve moved through several weeks without without meeting the recommended bpm because you’d be learning a skill, but you wouldn’t be reaching the necessary level of integrity for that skill. Sometimes you just gotta put your nose to the grind stone and practice practice practice till you get there. Maybe after 4 weeks or so if you’re still not there, move on to the next lesson so that you’re still moving forward, but then come back to the other lesson so that you can still improve to the recommended bpm.

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    I agree with Motley. The goals are there for a reason, do not bypass them. If you hit the goal, you are ready for the next step. Moving on too early will lead to more frustration.


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    ok. Thanks, I’ll keep at it.


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