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    I started week 18 6 days ago. I was feeling a little frustrated that I’m only able to do lesson 1 scale at 64 bpm after practicing all week, but then I remembered how slow I was in the beginning. It’s probably going to take a few more days, but I’ll get there.

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    Honestly there will be days where you don’t improve at all and there are others where your bpm will jump up a lot. It’s not always like a constant thing of increasing just a little bit every day. You may not improve much over a few weeks, but then after that you may have a spike. Just keep on it though and it’ll happen.

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    Yes I agree, keep at it, I had a real speed problem at that point, quite a bit of frustration, in fact, Doug sent me back in time to redo previous lessons 😮 😀 it worked, later I was able to do that series of weeks much more cleanly.

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    Similar experience here. Although I still have plenty of work to do on the previous lessons, I gave week 18 a try. After a couple of days I can play exercise 1 relatively well at 60 bpm. At this tempo I can even care for some string muting, note durations, economic finger movements etc. At 65 bmp my playing is very sloppy but I can get through. At 67 bpm everything breaks apart. I find it astonishing that the breaking point is so well-defined.

    With exercise 4 the problem is even more apparent. This is really a killer exercise! Going from a given lick to the scale (with 16th notes), then to an improvised lick, and then again to the scale (with triplets) is really challenging. I can do each section separately at 60 bpm without major problems. But combining them and switching on the fly from one to the other is so much more difficult.

    After all, I think that I rushed too much and need to get back and really master previous lessons. But sometimes I like to look what is ahead on the road. In that sense I previewed week 19 too. With the second pentatonic pattern things are of course much worse. I guess that just shows that I am much more familiar with the first pattern…

    In another thread someone said that the pentatonic zone is the center of the entire course. This may be true. I expect to spend a long time here. But I like it. 🙂

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