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    A while ago, I spent a long weekend putting together some backing tracks to practice over.  Just simple verse / chorus / verse / chorus extended for about 10 minutes.


    If there is any interest, is there any way I can make them available here for fellow Metal Methodians to download?

    Byron Dickens

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    you can always upload them to youtube.
    a lot of backing tracks there for folks to use.
    i’ve done that some in the past.
    it’s an easy way to share.

    rotm \m/

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    I’m really more interested in making them available only to people here for them to use.

    Byron Dickens

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    If you use youtube, what others have done, is to make the youtube video ‘unlisted’ and then when the link is posted here, the forum will embed the video for people reading here. Meanwhile, general youtube searches or views of your channel will not see the unlisted video.

    One tip for videos. Put a text overlay on the video with your name or watermark, like in the corner. Then if/when the video gets downloaded then reuploaded by someone, it will still have your mark over it.

    I would definitely like to see something like that shared, an extended track like you say 10 mins etc, for soloing or maybe practicing with vocal lyrics or melody. These types of extended tracks seem rare. There’s tons of backing tracks for actual songs which copy the typical radio length of 2-3 mins. Sometimes it seems much easier to get into lost in the music when playing along for 10 minutes un-interrupted. I think the extended tracks still need some dynamics to it, as it goes along, to be good (some kind of variation). Not just a copy-paste loop of short sections to make the track longer. One of the best jam tracks I found online was an extended 20 minutes Hendrix track, like a very very long Little Wing, that had some buildups along the way.

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    I’ll take a look at that.

    Byron Dickens

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