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    I visited the Martin Guitar factory today. It happens to be only about 1/2 hr from my house. It is a great tour. You get to go right through the whole process. You have access to everything and pretty much anyone to ask a question. Unbelievable how many beautiful guitars were just EVERYWHERE! The tour is around an hour and 15 minutes depending on questions. There is a great museum that has a fantastic collection of Martins. Of course a gift shop too. But the best thing is two areas that anybody can play different guitars. There is a general area that has $1000.00 or less guitars to play and then a room that has high end guitars.

    What was very cool was there were two guy’s that didn’t know each other trying guitars out.
    Well the one guys asked if the other knew this certain song he said it had been awhile, what were the chords? Well by the 2nd verse they were locked in. It was magical. It was so cool. Myself being a beginner, it really opened my eyes to why Doug always recommends to play with others. If you ever are in the Nazareth, Pa. area I recommend a visit to Martin.

    Tell me and I will forget ,show me and I'll remember, involve me and I'll understand

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    Cool stuff!

    Those are the kind of events that re-kindle my enthusiasm.

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