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    ^-In this video Douglas instructs the viewer(s) to loosen strings before
    adjusting the truss rod.  I tried without loosening and I WON.  Now I
    am wondering if this is damaging.  This is after I went ahead and bought
    a motor-screwdriver/peg-bit.




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    It depends on how much the truss rod was adjusted if adding back bow. So doing front bow is ok because bowing forward will make the strings go looser and not put strain on the neck. But if the guitar is tuned to pitch, and you adjust the truss rod to add back bow (whole turn or more), that is basically pulling the strings tighter and if you adjust the truss a lot with a full turn or more, that could put strain on the neck. Especially if you have 11s that we’re tuned to E standard.

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    Master Killer

    The reality is that every guitar you buy used nowadays is most likely going to have a neck issue. don’t be afraid to jack with the truss rod and try different things. Even if you put a big bow in the neck there are half a dozen was of correcting it. Check youtube. I’ve taken some pretty bad bends out of many necks. you can’t really tell how bad the neck is out of whack until you strip the strings, loosen the rod, and put it on a flat surface or use a straightedge on it to determine the curvature. If the bow is too bad (unless in some cases where you have a two way adjustable truss rod) the truss will just exaggerate the bend whether it is a forward or back bend. I’m working on one like that right now.

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