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    Would there be any benefit to purchasing Sweep Picking in Odd Meters if I already have MPC 2? Or is it just the same material.

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    MPC 2 doesn’t have any sweep picking really so you will definitely get a lot out of the Sweep Picking In Odd Meters!

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    Thanks for the input. I do also have Dan Mumm’s Sweep Picking courses as well. Just not sure if it will all be repetitive or if there would be new material in the Sweeep Picking In Odd Meters course.

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    Check out my review of the odd meter lesson here- http://guitarlessonforum.com/guitar-forums/topic/dee-js-sweep-picking-in-odd-time

    It’s new material and new backing track. The solo to learn is longer which is also cool. Just checked, the backing track is 01:52 long. There’s 2 tracks included, one with backing guitar and one without any guitar.

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    Sarah Spisak

    Thanks for the help, guys!  Yes- it’s new and different material, and definitely worth the purchase!

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