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    here’s a little something i cooked up this evening

    rock and roll ain't pretty; that's why they picked us to play it.

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    Wow unexpected, I saw the name and thought it would be a rager, instead it’s a nice melodic romantic ballad. Very cool. Seems to somehow sound very familiar though.. can’t place it.

    Ok here I’ll throw up some lyrics that are meant to harmonize with the guitar lead and match the song title theme. Just for kicks.

    00:00  Babe, let's get los--st   a-gain-- 
    00:08  Run-nin' a-way from the ci-ty  to-nig-hhttt
    00:16  Just take my hand and fol-lowwwww
    00:20  We can re-turn to-morr--owwww
    00:24  Let's take this night to-geth-er 
    00:28  Ride on the rail for-ev-er, nowwww
    00:32  Float-ing a-way, Lost in a way, 
    00:36  We can loseeee our-selves to the nighttttt
    00:43  Where we find, ---  what we have is timeeee
    00:46  and Time and Time 
    00:49  (faster soloing starts here so I wont even try to keep up, ha. ok, well, I could try harder I guess) 
    01:05  Babe, let's get founddd again-nnn, right here. (END)

    Awww, so touching right?
    Now I must go mosh something really hard to make up for the romantic ballad. Hah

    I'm an intermediate student of Metal Method. I play seitannic heavy metal. All Kale Seitan! The glutens will be eaten with relish!
    And on the Seventh Day, Mustaine said: ∇ ⨯ E = - ∂B / ∂t ; and there was Thrash; and it had a ♭3; and it was good.

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    interestingly the chord change is borrowed from crazy train (hence the title subway sanity). i just play the chords clean.
    first part from the verse…
    A E/A D/A A (twice) {strum}
    then the same thing picking arpeggio type thing with the strum.
    next part…
    F#m D F#m D
    next part…
    A E F#m F#m (twice)
    whole thing played clean.
    and bass for the most part just shadows the guitar.
    as for the melody…i just started playing and it came out.
    after playing it with it a few times i refined it to what i layed down.
    glad you like it.
    it felt really good to do.

    rock and roll ain't pretty; that's why they picked us to play it.

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