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    So I am doing Speed Kills and Classic Metal Licks right now.  I have been enjoying picking the licks and learning them.  However with SK my picking isn’t keeping up.  I can get exercise 3-4 up to about 100-115 bpm.  Should I drop back to about 90 and be able to do it for about 2-3 min?  I really want to build this up so I can play some Dimebag solos.  Now for the next part, my two hands don’t like to work together most of the time (lefty playing righty) but my legato sounds better and feels more comfortable.  Should I just stick with legato runs and build time/speed?  And what should be the goal for speed on SK?  200?  Thanks

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    The goal is…. as fast as you can! Cleanly haha. I’ve been doing Speed Kills stuff for over a year now, mostly the sweeps and taps. Rippin through them with all the practice. For the picking stuff, it’s all about evaluating current technique and finding the little efficiencies and othe little things to change your technique and make it better and play faster. Honestly, it’s all just raw practice hours. Play a ton at 90, once you’re very fluid, bump it up, occasionally try way faster, like 150, it may be sloppy, but you’ll be getting a feel for it. Keep incrementing bpm little by little as you play the certain bpm cleanly. Eventually, you’ll increment your bpm to be way up there. Just keep this in mind, it could take a couple years before you’re shredding 16th notes cleanly at 160+ bpm. If you practice enough haha. Currently I can do 16th note triplets (24 notes per bar) decently clean at around 110 bpm. Took a while to get there haha.. the goal is to do those at 130 bpm (so like 13 notes per second – MAB speed), got a lot of practicing to do before I get there. Slowly but surely right?

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    j dogg39

    I just started SK as well. I am doing the exercises at 75 bpm. I am just concentrating more on doing all the exercises super clean, zero mistakes. I want my technique to be flawless like MAB, even if it takes me awhile to get there

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    Try videoing youself when playing at faster speeds. Make sure,at the higher bpm, you are playing with the same tecnique. When I warm up at lower bpm then speed up to higher bpm sometimes my tecnique isnt as accurate as it should be.

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    JL I have noticed that I had that same problem and I am really trying to pay attention to that.  I definitely fell behind the power curve here.  A little over two months ago I severed my flexor tendon in my right thumb so I was unable to hold a guitar pick till about a week ago.  Now it is just basics for a while.  I still only have about 1/4th movement in my thumb but I’m trying

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