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    Some years ago , i´ve bought and downloaded “Complete Basic Course with <span class=”il”>Metal</span> Licks”, years passed by and lost my downloaded copies,

    i still have the original email/invoice but the old url is not working anymore https://www.e-junkie.com/d/?**** , even the forum url was different way back then (http://www.bb-metalmethod.com).

    i had to re-register (luckily my name was still available) , but i cannot find a way to link my old registered account and bought courses with my new user.

    is there any procedure i have to follow to restore access to my old courses?

    (I didn post my original urls on this post for obvius privacy/piracy reasons but i would send support the original emails if needed)

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Sarah Spisak

    Welcome back!  Please send your full name (or the name you used to buy your old lessons) to us via the contact form:

    Contact Us


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