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    i can’t imagine this is very hard, but Google is failing me.  I want to record my guitar tone from my amp/cab (mark v 35 plus rectifier 2×12) direct into my iPad (GarageBand?) I assume there are adapters to take a standard sure sm 57 into the iPad, right?

    every time I search for results the web just wants to tell me about plugging my guitar directly into the iPad; not what I’m looking for.   Is GarageBand the right app for this, or do I need something else?

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    an interface like this will give you an option of mic’ing and amp or running guitar direct.


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    An audio interface would be your best friend if GarageBand can handle one.

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    That Tascam unit above looks perfect for what you want to do.


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    I agree, thanks for the recommendation.  Mostly I’m just trying to determine what my amp “really sounds like.”  My drummer has an overly complicated sound board, and I plug directly in from the Mesas cab clone.  He playback sounds very thin and fizzy, while the “live” tone is great (I think).  I’ve used my iPhone to open air record the sound, but that’s suboptimal.

    If I can just stick a sure SM 57 in front of the cab, cable it into that Tuscan, and into a recording app (GarageBand?) that’s all I need.







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    The focusrite scarlett series claims to be iOS compatible for the larger units. What you do is, you get the Apple “camera connection kit” which provides a standard USB port. Then, you can plug the interface into that USB port. iOS apps will recognize the external device as an available audio interface, such as Garageband can use it to record from. Havent tried it but that’s the way it supposedly works. There’s another option and that is the Alesis IO Dock or others like that, which connects to iPad with the normal iPad cable and gives a bunch of audio in/out’s and midi in/out’s. That Tascam unit works for older iPad or iPhones which have a jack and it’s cheap but now that there is no more headphone/mic jack, the future way is to go thru USB. A bit more $$.

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