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    What I’ve pondered for several years. Take one of those old 80’s boomboxes, a big one, all analog inside, found at some dusty garage sale. The old kind, way before the days when they got portable cd players. The kind that used to take like ten D batteries. Turn it into a retro portable guitar amp by hacking in an instrument-in jack to it, probably where the internal circuit connects the FM radio to the internal audio amp. Plug the boombox into a pedal-power brick (12V DC). Then get a couple tiny inexpensive guitar pedals like MAB’s signature tomsline ones and plug those in (overdrive, delay, maybe also EQ), and plug the guitar into the pedals, and crank up and rock out.

    At least it would look super retro. I guess someone must have done this somewhere already, never seen it though..


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