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    j dogg39

    I have recently purchased the whole Speed Kills series and I am really digging them. Is there a goal Bpm that we are to achieve on each lesson. I have noticed a big increase on my picking speed so far. This is my Summer to shred!

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    The goal is as high as you can go!  🙂

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    Sarah Spisak

    Yes, I’m not aware of any set figures regarding tempo goals!  Just be sure that you don’t play any faster than you can perform the exercises cleanly or you will have to slow down later and undo the wrong technique.  🙂

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    Doug Marks

    Michael is overseas and has been since you wrote this post. When he returns I’ll bring this to his attention.

    Metal Method Guitar Instructor

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    MAB revealed a lot of secrets at his recent guitar clinic in LA. I was lucky enough to go. One of my takeaways was how he described No Boundaries as being used as curriculum in music schools as a skills test. I also had wondered the same thing, what’s the goal for the SK exercises? So that is the goal. Get fast enough to play No Boundaries at tempo. Then you know you’ve “graduated.” Kind of like Doug’s lesson goals, playing the final big songs. It’s good to have that to shoot for.

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    Until the metronome can take no more punishment haha.. I’ve been going through the original speed kills stuff lately, MAB sure keeps it fun with his joking around haha. Still workin towards that speed cleanly.. definitely not a short term goal haha.

    Bring hair metal back!

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