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    I picked up this CD of a 2000’s era band for $0.50 at a sale and it’s been on my permanent spin.
    Good post-AIC vocal harmony grunge rock (produced by same guy as AIC?).

    Anyway the first track, a great pull off and arpeggio practice song.

    Tantric – Breakdown (Video)

    Youtube lesson.

    Maybe you guys remember this band or the track.
    If the youtube comments are to be believed, the singer had a downfall due to meth.
    Too bad the industry is in such bad shape that I can buy a handful of pro band CD’s for $0.50 each.

    Full album is Tantric (2001).
    I never got into Days Of The New.

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    That’s one of those nice tracks I know but completely forgot about. Great steal at fifty cents!


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    Sb, i know you are into Nirvana… btw  did you watch that Cobain documentary interviewing all sorts of people about his death now being suspicious?  I will look it up the title for you if interesred,  its a good watch.

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    j dogg39

    I saw Tantric last year at a music fest in So. Oregon. The only originals left in the band were the singer and bass player. They sounded quite good though.

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