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    didn’t really try to imitate Gary’s style.

    just tried to have fun – in Am of course.

    i exclusively used the neck pick-up which is the iron gear alchemist 90 (p90 style pick-up) in my heritage.

    rock and roll ain't pretty; that's why they picked us to play it.

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    Master Killer

    Nice melodic playing! Sounds very Garyish. And way better on the ears than just ripping up and down a scale in my opinion. Interesting that lots of guitarists seem to be migrating away from the bridge pickups. Lots of times I find the bridge pickup to be too bitey for lots of my leads, especially slower ones. On some of my guitars I routed and installed a middle pickup to use in unison and take the bite out of the bridge.  Works pretty well and provides a whole array of new tones.

    Cheap Guitars (with some exceptions) play just about as good as expensive ones. It's your ability combined with an awesome amp that makes the difference.

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