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    Doug….I am sooooo pumped about your new service to access your Complete 2017 Course online!…I’m on disability and own a home so I couldn’t afford to purchase the entire course, or even any of the 3 tiers you now offer…I have wanted it since the announcement of it’s completion…but now I only have to pay $10/month to have access to all 48 weeks in ANY order I choose.

    I wanted to Thank You from the deepest part of my soul for coming up with this amazing idea that’ll now allow me access to the 2017 course…I also plan to pay the $20 for all the files.

    Thanks Again for making your product accessible to people who live day to day with $$!!



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    Meant to say with “$$ issues”!….Thanks Again

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    Master Killer

    I like the idea of the monthly subscription. Way back in the day I remember shelling out 100 bucks for Doug’s original VHS tapes. They were well worth it but even back then that was a chunk of money. I have been wanting to check out the new lessons but like you Riv money is an issue right now. I’m restoring several guitars and would like to buy a 4 x 12 speaker cab for my amp head. With the kids out of school and in day care there’s not a lot of money to throw around so I’ve got to prioritize. Maybe in Sept or October I’ll get back  on board.

    Cheap Guitars (with some exceptions) play just about as good as expensive ones. It's your ability combined with an awesome amp that makes the difference.

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    Doug Marks

    I’m also excited about the streaming site.  We’re starting off slow to learn from the first few users.  Eventually, I plan to upload all of our lessons to the site.  Don’t want to go there until I see if it works out for students.  Tentatively I’m planning some events for the site but at this point they’re ideas more than concrete plans.

    Metal Method Guitar Instructor

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