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    I bought Monster Power Chords 2 in January of 2015.

    I was just revisiting it this past week and I noticed that the tablature for Blue Metal does not match what Dee J Nelson is playing on the video.

    Was there a tab update that I missed?

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    Sarah Spisak

    I just gave Dee J a heads-up on your post!  🙂

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    Dee J Nelson

    Matthew thanks for pointing this out. The first ending that demonstrates the turnaround for the exercise is incorrect. I have attached a photo of the corrected measure to this post for those of you that would like to update your GP6 file.

    I appreciate pointing this out as it is hard to catch this type of thing 100% as we release programs

    1. MPC-TAB-Fix.jpeg

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    Thanks for the clarification.

    I can fix my GP6 file.

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