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    Saw some recent headlines about an actor who completely froze up during the middle of a performance and the show had to be temporarily postponed..

    Last night, Robert Glenister experienced it firsthand during a performance of Glengarry Glen Ross at the Playhouse Theatre.

    The actor, perhaps best known for his starring roles in BBC drama series Spooks and Hustle, is said to have frozen up on stage, bringing the production to an immediate halt. When it resumed an hour later, understudy Mark Carlisle had stepped in to replace Glenister as Davis Moss in the Pulitzer-winning play.


    It sounds like from one of the other articles that he might be under a bunch of personal stress at the moment, that might have caused it..

    Bizarre phenomenon hmm?

    The couple times I froze up during songs it had a lot to do with being really unsatisfied with how the guitar sounded and then somehow completely lost the ‘being in the zone of ability to play anything’. So I stopped completely and started a different song. Altho maybe just a ton more practice of that song would have eliminated the problem, not sure, or maybe a lot more warm up would have helped..

    One of the funny descriptions:

    David Warner

    The actor, who’s been in films including Tron, Titantic and The Omen, became debilitated by stage fright in 1973, just after a disastrous West End production by Tony Richardson of I, Claudius, and stayed away from the stage for more than 25 years. “It was different from Ian Holm’s,” he told the Guardian. “He simply couldn’t go on one night, and that was a public thing. Mine gradually took me over. I looked at the stage and it became tiny. I perspired and said to myself: how can they learn all the lines, how can they stand in front of all those people?”

    Sounds like a bad trip, down the rabbit hole and getting shrunk 🙁

    I notice that many performers at the local open mic’s seem to have a ‘ritual behavior’ before performing.. like, excessively cleaning their guitars or tuning and retuning, or when they’re called up, rushing to the stage but then going back to their seat to get their completely-full just-ordered pint glass and taking a sip while carrying it delicately on stage .. (as if a sip of beer will do any good before playing 2 songs) Like a kid’s security blanket. I’m sure there’s a lot of rituals which star performers have that we don’t hear about. I saw on an interview recently that Alice Cooper practices throwing knives in the green room before going on stage. Hmmm I think I’ll stick to tuning and retuning my guitar.

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