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    Master Killer

    I got this for 60 bucks off Reverb.com. It’s a Hondo Warlock Formula I. Of course it was modeled after the B.C.Rich Warlock but I always liked the headstock better on these than the traditional BCR headstock. It’s pretty beat up but other than the fact that the electronics have been gutted (which I was gonna do anyway) it’s in pretty good shape. Like my RR it’s got a set neck and the pickups are overwound and in pretty good shape so I think I’ll keep them. It’s also got some sort of preamp in a compartment on the rear.

    Overall it’s a steal considering this was a high end Condo back in it’s day. I won’t be able to mess around with it until about 2 weeks (next payday). But I should have it up and playing by then.

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    Sarah Spisak

    It will be fun to see it when you’ve got it up and going!  🙂

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    I wonder if reverb will have a massive increase in listings from hurricane-drowned guitars in the next few months.

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