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    Curt Kingston


    I’ve successfully signed up to the forum after many failed attempts but I’m still experiencing a few issues. I wrote a post in another topic and it didn’t publish and I can’t get a profile picture to upload. I’m hoping they will be sorted out soon enough. Now back on topic…

    My name is Curt and I’m 47. I’ve been playing guitar since 1979. My first and only guitar teacher was Doug. I bought a few of his programs in 1983 and while I wasn’t able continue buying lessons because I was a broke kid, I practiced what he taught me for many years. I can play lots of things, I write songs, I played in bands and I’ve held my own over the years. I’ve also picked up bad habits because I’m self-taught. I’m pretty good at riffs but I’m just not the solo guy, kinda like James Hetfield. Actually, the only solos I can play are Hetfield’s. I’d like to play more challenging solos, like Randy, Zakk, Dime and Mustaine.

    So I’m back with Doug 34 years later and I’ve been buying the complete course starting with lesson 1. Learned a few new things. There’s more than 1 pentatonic scale? Even though I’m intermediate/advanced, starting at lesson 1 has filled a lot of gaps already. But I’m most impressed with one program called Speed & Accuracy. Thanks to Sarah for helping me get that back after my laptop died a few weeks ago. HOLY @%#!. I dove right into that and in just one week of practicing the first 3 exercises, the penny dropped and my speed increased and my accuracy becoming dead on. That is the best program ever created and everyone one should have it.

    Thanks for reading


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    Cool to have ya man!

    Bring hair metal back!

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