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    Especially  female Metal vocalists. Cristina Scabbia. Amy Lee. Angela Gossow. Alissa White-Gluz.


    And then I saw her:


    She’s just the cutest. And she ROCKS.

    Byron Dickens

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    She definitely has more style than everyone else in the band combined haha. That massive bass guitar though haha.

    Bring hair metal back!

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    Video was from Oct 2013 when it says she’s 11 so now hmmmm in 2017…

    Newer song from Nov 2017:

    Motion Device – UNBROKEN [Official Video]

    Wow, their originals are good.

    I'm an intermediate student of Metal Method. I play seitannic heavy metal. All Kale Seitan! The glutens will be eaten with relish!
    And on the Seventh Day, Mustaine said: ∇ ⨯ E = - ∂B / ∂t ; and there was Thrash; and it had a ♭3; and it was good.

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