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    This course really means a lot to me.

    Unfortunately, within the last three months there have been some serious health issues with respect to my 1-year old son and also myself, involving several visits to the hospital. Naturally, everything else was pretty much on hold.

    In other words, there was no lack of motivation. Rather, the other obligations and troubles were overwhelming. I can only guess that other forum members with young kids might experience similar problems.  This would explain why the level of participation is relatively low despite the fact that everybody seems to love the course.

    I am burning to do the exercises again and would also like to be active on the forum again. Fingers crossed that better times are ahead now!

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    Doug Marks

    So sorry to hear about the health issues.  It must be very difficult dealing with your son’s problems.  Progress on guitar is not linear.  We have many members of our forum that didn’t have time to play for several years due to family and work.  Hope everything works out for you.  Keep us updated.

    Metal Method Guitar Instructor

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    Wishing the best.

    Bring hair metal back!

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    Thank you, prospects are better now. My son is doing fine at the moment, and I got a tumor extracted. I am very grateful that it was non-malicious. Catching up at my job, and then back to normal practice in a couple of days!

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    Sarah Spisak

    Thanks for the update, Sonic!  Guitar practice should be a very healing activity.

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    All the best to you and your family Sonic and I agree 100% with Sarah that some guitar practice will do you good


    Big W

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