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    Wanted to post this before I forget.

    Some months ago I was talking to a local pro americana-blues guitarist who has started touring internationally the past several years (europe and even russia). He builds his own guitars too. I asked him how he travels with them, he said: Well it’s easy, kind of, I take the necks off and then I can pack them in my normal carry-on suitcase with my clothes for padding, I just need to bring the tools with me.

    Top tier pro guitarist story: Bumblefoot. He had posted the following tour picture to instagram. When confronted about how his (soft case) guitar would not fit and he would have to check it, he apparently also unbolts the neck, folds it into the soft case, and folds the soft case into a smaller bundle, so he can still do carry-on. What is even more surprising is that Bumblefoot plays a 2-neck guitar (very large body) and still managed to pull this off. See pic. There’s two necks visible but they are for the double neck guitar underneath.


    Ive never bolted on or off a guitar neck, so I dunno the details… other than, my guitars are neck thru so this would not work.

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