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    Basically because I’m too lazy to order a pop filter or foam cover for my mic and I still use too much breath when practicing and recording vocals. I stuck a thin wool sock over my mic. Not tightly, because the air gap between the cover and the mic screen is part of the filter. Surprisingly it works really well for the past month so I’ve kept it on. The tinny reverb from the man cave is reduced. A lot of the breath pops are gone from my mic (you know, when singing words starting with P’s or S’s etc).

    So whoever ended up buying Jim’s dirty sock from the Nitro campaign (not me): Stuff it somewhere useful 😀 if not stuffing it, you know, whereever else.

    In my case the sock was clean. I know a dirty sock would be more rock n roll. 😀 Wool, you know, because it’s a natural fiber. Makes my vocals more organic, compared to a polyester sock. Ha.

    I might bring one to open mics or karaoke too. Always wanted to cover those stage mics, dont know where they’ve been. I always sing real close into a mic. There is one open mic place in town where the sound guy changes foam covers on the mic for each performer, that’s really cool, the only guy I’ve seen to do that.

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