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    On 6th string shouldn’t it be your pinky hitting the 8th fret, not the 1st finger ? On the video , u also see Doug using the pinky for it. Or does the number mean something else?

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    Good catch, actually the way to read that tab, is that there is “no finger” assigned to 8th fret. Which means, do what feels right to you depending on context. It could be a typo I dont know, just saying that if you see tabs with some notes having fingerings then some don’t, it means- choose your own preference.

    In that lick when I just played it, depending on context of what is played next, you could use the 3rd finger on the 8th fret and then slide towards the nut to play the last note 5th fret.. sounds cooler and then you’re ready to play something at the pattern on the open position..

    About catching mistakes, I’ve caught some too and send them to Doug, so, there are a few here and there, some were not mistakes and some were.

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    You can move your hands however you want in the shapes, every guitarist has their own style. But for practicing scal shapes, it’s a good idea to keep one finger per fret so that you’re training your fingers for the certain position/pattern, just finger training.

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