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    Master Killer

    I’ve been working on that cheap Chinese guitar I picked up off Ebay for 70 bucks new.


    When I first got it the neck was unfinished and broken/detached at the joint in the neck where the head stock is glued on to make it angle back.


    With a little Titebond III wood glue and some clamps I fixed the neck and then I put 3 coats of Tung oil on to give it a finish (I like the Fender Srat feel). I still have to sand and refinish a few rough places on the neck but it turned out good. The only problem was that there was a severe back bow in it. I tried heating the neck and bending it but it didn’t work. I then discovered to my surprise that the truss rod is a two way. I cranked it the other way and it took the bend out allowing me to level and recrown the frets as I did on the Hondo RR. Also, to give it a bit more sustain and the feel of a set neck I glued the neck to the body before tightening the screws. Yeah I know that’s generally frowned upon by “purists” again it’s a $70.00 axe.

    The main problem I am dealing with now is the tremolo. It’s junk and I think I’m gonna have to replace it.  The saddles buckle and it’s hard to keep the strings going perfectly parallel up the neck.  The electronics are basically crap also. And a big thing – due to the light Basswood body it’s quite neck heavy and wants to drop towards the floor when you let go of it. I think I will correct this by drilling a well in the back and epoxying in some lead fishing weights to offset the neck weight.

    Surprisingly, the guitar actually doesn’t sound that bad when hooked up. I am going to replace the bridge and neck pickups with GFS Surf 90’s and probably one of their Gold Foil single coils in the middle.  I might go with the Steve Vai Dimarzio wiring hoookup.

    Here are the positives about this thing:

    Tuners- Appear to be good quality.

    Neck -Shark fin inlays are way cool; the aforementioned two way truss rod.

    Price – This thing is dirt cheap and came with a gig bag, pick, strap, and connecting wire.

    Performance – even with the rock bottom quality pickups this thing still doesn’t rock bad. I expected worse so it should sound way better with all the hyped hardware I’m going to install. Anyway, we’ll see.

    Cheap Guitars (with some exceptions) play just about as good as expensive ones. It's your ability combined with an awesome amp that makes the difference.

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