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    Hey All

    I have a question for Will Flaherty – how can I overcome pre-gig nerves and in particular make sure my hands are nice and loose. This has been a real problem for me  for a long time and I really struggle when at Band practice or rehearsing on my own its not an issue. I have tried various warm up routines but not fond anything that really works and I just feel like I have lost control and my fingers stiffen up and coordination between fret and pick hand just goes. Normally about 3 songs into the set things settle down…I want to be able to play freely but there’s a mental block there I am finding really hard to break through. Any advise greatly accepted…..Thanks

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    Exposure therapy.

    The issue is psychological and not physical an only thing you can do is get out there and face it. Even some seasoned performers have the same issue. Some even vomit before hitting the stage.

    If it helps any, keep in mind that your audience is there to see you succeed, not to fail. They are out there rooting for you.

    Byron Dickens

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    There’s good nervous and then there’s bad nervous. Hands seizing is bad nervous. You gotta have the mentality that you’re a pimp and just strut out there ready to roll. When you’re practicing beforehand, it’s just you and the guitar, there’s nobody else around, there’s no gig in 15 minutes, just you and the guitar, get in the zone. Then when it’s time, get out there and have fun! Worrying too much or something is a no no that can put you into that bad nervous. It’s all mentality, gotta put yourself in s certain state of mind where you pump yourself up. Dink around with the band mates before going on to kind of loosen up and stuff. Being a nervous nelly is a roadblock everyone has to overcome, some just naturally do it faster than others though because of how their normal mentality is. Think about how cocky some of those old rockers used to be though, that’s the kinda mentality where nothing brings them down or get them into that bad nervous state.

    Bring hair metal back!

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