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    before the site went haywire again with attacks someone had asked about amp sims and whatnot.

    besides the amplitube custom shop & the flextron amp sim being free i had forgotten to include the free brainworx rockrack v3 player.



    and here links to the flextron amp sim and the amplitube custom shop.





    rock and roll ain't pretty; that's why they picked us to play it.

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    Master Killer

    Much  appreciated ROTM! I haven’t had time to do anything this past week. My mother passed away and me and my family had to drive 1500 miles to the funeral and back. I haven’t even begun modding my Hondo Les Paul. To make matters worse the pump on our washing machine shot craps and I’ve gotta order anew one tonight. It’s been a week!

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    Doug Marks

    By the way, what’s up with all the lewd Russian spam on the site lately?

    We’ve had a huge spam problem. It’s at least temporarily under control.  Among other things, I deleted about 1500 new, bogus accounts yesterday.  Currently we’re doing a good job of filtering spam.  Hopefully, that continues.

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    it’s one thing when the russians mess with our elections but when they start messin’ with metal method that’s just too far. \m/

    rock and roll ain't pretty; that's why they picked us to play it.

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