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    I just ran across this tool. Neat to know it exists:


    bandcamp-dl is a small command-line app to download audio from BandCamp.com. It requires the Python interpreter, version 3.5+ and is not platform specific. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it how ever you like.

    There’s youtube-dl also. I use it all the time. Dont tell anyone. Actually youtube-dl has tons of internal extensions not just for downloading from youtube, it can download from so many sites its uncanny. I used it yesterday to download a concert video from PBS’s web site. This is not a piracy tool, the videos are freely available. Of course if you download videos then the service isnt making money from advertisements like they want to do, neither is the author. youtube-dl gets updated all the time.. every time google changes something, a couple days later they need to update the downloader. So it needs regular maintenance to continue working.

    For anyone taking MOOC’s there is coursera-dl and edx-dl as well which downloads courses. These had bugs for me so I had to modify them to work properly. Very helpful to download the course videos and subtitles to watch off line (for me, in fact it is critical since my link up is not great). It’s great to be able to search through a video’s subtitles for factoids an instructor is teaching, rather than having to carefully re-watch entire videos.

    Speaking of bandcamp. One of my fave bandcamp pages: https://djnelson.bandcamp.com This is not an advertisement. Visit it or zombies will eat your brain. Check out the previous Dee J album there it’s great in my opinion.

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    Using coursera-dl might be a violation of coursera’s terms of service.


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