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    if you have any questions about adding the Lessons to your iPad or iPphone “after” you watch this video – please drop me a note and I’ll help you all I can.

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    Doug Marks

    Wow! That was awesome Van! I’m constantly asked, “Can I play Metal Method videos on my iPad?” Now I have a better response than, “Yes, but I don’t have an iPad so I can’t tell you how.”

    Metal Method Guitar Instructor

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    James Davis

    Nice job Pimpstick!

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    Great video! Are you able to connect an external hard drive to a mac mini?

    Jay aka the letter J

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      I can Jay

      I’m very fortunate that my career is that of a computer engineer, so I have a lot of cool toys 😉 My Mac Mini setup is as follows:

      Apple Mac Mini
      16 Gigs of Ram
      1 TB Internal Drive
      Yosemite 10.10
      2 – Apple 30″ Cinema Displays
      Wireless Keyboard and Track Pad ( I hate, hate , hate the mouse)
      M-Audio 8″ Studio Monitors
      Saffire Audio Interface
      2 – External 2TB Drives (USB 3.0 – they are really fast) – that I use with Protools and Video Editing goodies
      Drobo Thunderbolt Storage Device ( 5 TB’s)
      Adobe Suite, Pro Tools, Final Cut Pro, etc, etc.

      I am very blessed – no question about it – and I totally dig helping people with their Mac issues, so ask away 😉

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    Why not simply download the VLC Player for MAC…. associate the MP4 file type with VLC and double click and play.  No messing with iTunes.

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    Hi Rorygfan,

    If we were playing the video’s on the MAC that would work great ( I use VLC a good bit) – but if you notice the thread it’s about playing the Video’s “on the iPAD or iPHONE” not on the Mac.  😉

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