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    I made this huge playlist to get my homework done. Consider yourself warmed up once you make it to the flamenco jam track? There’s also Santana style track in there but thats what the ‘Next’ button is for. 😮 I dont consider these a replacement to metal method backing tracks because these are just audio vs. Dee J’s backing tracks for example which come with exercises and solo’s and GP6. youtube is good for variety to keep things fun. I’m sure there are more backing tracks out there that I will keep adding to the playlist. It seems youtube has exploded with tracks.

    Guitar Backing Jam Tracks in Key of Am

    I think there’s one track in there that is A major..just for a twist..

    After attempted soloing over the playlist for a full hour I had exhausted all the simple stuff that came to mind, so then I really started digging for something interesting to play, finally after about 2 1/2 hours I think my playing started getting cooler. So attempted soloing for a really long time has some benefits.. try it out..

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