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    I am about to enter the intermediate section of the CGC2017. I thought it would be a good idea to double-check if I have mastered the beginner section by doing the first two or three stages of the CBC2007 (the sell some weeks ago was a real bargain). Indeed it is a good idea…

    I am amazed how much different the new version of the course is from the old one.

    The overlap in terms of identical exercises is really low. The approach to certain topics like scales and bar chords is different. The overall “feel” is also different since the old version contains very dense instruction without the motivational topics from the later version. The written goals for the old course add a nice touch.

    Stage one of the old course is probably less steep than its counterpart of the new course. Still, there are good exercises for more experienced players (to be executed at a higher tempo). In particular, I found the exercises for changing between strumming and arpeggiated chord picking useful. I don’t recall such exercises from the new course.

    Stage two of the old course has a lot of additional bar chord exercises, plus exercises for changing between power chords and open chords. Furthermore there is a strong focus on power chords with roots on other than the 6th and 5th strings which in my opinion is missing in the new course. The stage two lead is simple but beautiful.

    All in all, at my current skill level it took some practice but wasn’t too difficult to archive the stage one and two goals.

    Stage three of the old course is focused on the five patterns of the minor pentatonic scale, and on phrasing techniques like hammer, pull, bends etc. I think at this stage the old course is quite steep, probably too steep. The exercises rapidly progress from the introduction of some technique to fast licks. The stage three solo is still a daunting task for me, even at a lower speed, not to mention at the suggested speed.

    Overall, I think the new 2017 course is more balanced, more mixed, and more supportive of the student. However, the old 2007 version definitely has its strong points too!

    I might even consider buying the 1992 course as an addition, but only if Guitar Pro files are included. Are they?

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    Nice comparison!
    I’m glad Doug added in a lot of new exercises, and moved around things to diff areas. I have the DVD old school 2006 ?7? version and right off the bat it takes u to barre chords.

    But then I bought the CBC beginner course in April.I’m glad that u start off now with Power chords as thats a logical step easier and transition to barre chords with fewer strings then finally 6 strings.

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      David Rose

      I view the new version like fine wine. ages greatly over time!!!!

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    Ya I think the newer course starts people out with more of the type of thing they wanted to learn in the first place when buying a rock guitar course.

    Bring hair metal back!

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    Doug Marks

    That was a really good comparison. I’m often asked about the differences between versions.  I have a different perspective so it’s really good to hear about it from the student standpoint.  The 2017 course is still a work in progress.  All of the videos have been updated and include chapter lists in the lesson materials.  Just last week we completed the DVD update to include the same videos and materials.  I shot very little new video for the update but errors were corrected and it looks better – lots of color correction.

    I’m unaware of Guitar Pro files for the 1992 version of the course.  If anyone wants to begin work on that you have my blessing.  The 1992 version of the course was really good.  So good, that I didn’t feel the need to update it for fifteen years.  Either that or I was just too lazy.

    Metal Method Guitar Instructor

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    I’m a bit confused. What version is the one I bought last year? I thought I had the 2016 revision. Do you mean to say it has been updated again and is different than what I bought last year in 2016?


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